What we can do for your best friend......

​  Grooming is an important part of your dogs over all health.  Regular bathing and brushing keeps your dogs skin healthy, removes odors and maintains clean shiny coat because it stimulates the blood supply to the skin. Many times, a health concern is discovered through the act of grooming.  Matted hair could be hiding diseases, lumps or outside irritants such as plant pods or thorns.

  We offer grooming services in a calm, safe and cage free environment.  We use natural professional grooming products that are safe, environmentally friendly and help maintain and keep your pet looking and feeling great.

  We subscribe to to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your best friend.

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  • Nails are clipped and filed.
  • Hair removed from paw pads.
  • ​Sanitary/ hygiene clip.
  • Swab ears with cotton and ear cleaner to remove waxy debris.
  • Brush coat thoroughly to loosen dirt.


  • Put cotton in ears to protect from water.
  • Therapeutic warm water bath, using natural premium products.
  • Check anal glands and gently express if required.
  • Final rinse and apply conditioner.


  • Towel dry and dry with specialized dryers designed for dogs.
  • Brush and comb out coat.


   Your pet is trimmed to your request.  We are well educated in all breeds. Whether your dog needs a low maintenance trim or to look like a show dog, we can do it all!

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